Scruples PDF (Spanish version)


A PDF with all the cards necessary to play the game. Send the PDF to your local print shop and have them print them for you.

Spanish version


This Spanish version of Scruples consists of a PDF that you can print yourself:

  1. Send the PDF to your local print shop
  2. Ask them to print the game cards on heavy white cardstock (80lbs or higher)
  3. If possible, ask them to print a different color on the back of the question cards vs. the answers and voting cards to make them easier to tell apart
  4. Cut the cards along the lines, preferable with a paper cutter (some print shops may do this for you)
  5. Have fun!

Note: after your purchase, you’ll receive an email with the link from where you can download the PDF. The link doesn’t have an expiry date, but you are only allowed to download the file a total of 5 times.